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Billy Joel episode last night. The music was great, a lovely chance to highlight Darren Criss and Kevin McHale (the voice of the later I am REALLY starting to enjoy), hell, even Chord Overstreet didn’t make me mad! Hooray!

Rachel got flirty eyed with Sam. (The Gleek Internet breaks from the WRONG! of it)
I think it is fine, I think it will be fine if they hook up, I think it will be fine if she beds some rando, I think it is fine if she is forever chaste. This character is a 19 year old who loved but was not dating a guy who lived in a different state. Especially given the completely unknowable amount of time that has passed, I think we just need to take a giant step back from thinking she’s going bind her groin in cast iron for the rest of her life.

“But OOOOoooohhhhh, it isn’t fair to Lea…” shouts the Gleek Internet.
Lea is the only person gets to choose when Lea (as a person or as an actress) gets flirty eyed with anybody. Ryan Murphy has seemed supportive, and I suspect that if Lea couldn’t muster the Professional Act of Flirty Eyes after four months, or if she thought it was unreasonable for the character then Santana would have been the designated flirty eyes person … or hell – maybe Kurt and Blaine could have made eye contact just for the hell of it.

Let’s not forget — Lea is enough of an actress that she is living a life that millions of women aspire to and will never achieve. I suspect Professional Flirty Eyes with a trusted friend just isn’t that hard to muster. Honestly, I can wrangle flirty eyes when I’m trying to get a free car rental upgrade.

I think it is sad that Michelle Williams will always be tied to Heath Ledger, and I think the same will be true (in a slightly smaller way) for Lea and Cory. Still, Lea is also a full grown woman who is not wearing cast iron panties and heaven help her the day she makes Non-Professional Flirty Eyes and someone notices.

The Klaine story line got a lot of time, some affection, and some weird chastity – which I am kind of hating. But, that is the same as most days.