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My goals this summer –

1. Water of some sort (even a sprinkler) every weekend – nope.
2. Not to turn on the air conditioner and then leave it on without thinking – nope.
3. Spend time outside in the evenings when feasible – nope.
4. Get Take Out and watch Top Shot on Friday (or move if plans dictate) – YEP!

Not my goals for this summer –

1. Learn first hand about anxiety – erhmmm.
2. Wear my work clothing well into the evening instead of changing into summer clothing – ummmmm.
3. Eat the same old boring crap we always eat – hey! I did two new meals this summer – once each.
4. Ever go downtown while the students were somewhere else….. yeah – did it a couple of times – but never like we meant it.

Still. This is totally going to go down in history as a great summer – do you want to know why?
1. Multiple CK evenings with wine and beer and laughter and my friends slinking across the floor saying sexy math things.
2. Getting to chill with Penny the wonder pup.
3. Me, my man, and my boy together doing that thing we do.
4. This is super important —- it has been cool enough (in GA speak) that walking outside NEVER ONCE made me think “Well. I’m adequately prepared for hell.” NOT ONCE.

As summer winds down, I hope that you and yours don’t give up on it too soon – get outside, throw a ball, hit the beach, and remember that you only live once.