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Yesterday I mentioned what I have been doing since my work rearranged. Today, what I don’t do…

1. When Google Reader announced it was closing down I twitched and read every feed reader review that was published trying to find my replacement. After a false start I went with the digg reader and I LOVE it. It is great. I used to check it … a lot. If somebody updated the internet I was going to BE THERE. I don’t now. I just … don’t.

The product is still great. I just … am busy doing stuff.

2. I don’t drink enough water. I’ve known for YEARS that I am much more likely to drink water at work than at home. Now that my office moves, and sometimes I’m not there for long … I’m not so good with the water.

3. I don’t get my soul satisfying, 9 billion calorie breakfast. My old gig had the BEST egg & cheese biscuits. I miss them. I also don’t know quite how to eat a breakfast big enough to get me to noon and light enough that I don’t vomit it at the gym. So yeah – I am a work in progress.

My family has spent months on long, long, vacation and the wrap-up is beginning.  Here are some of the things I have learned about myself.  I am honestly not upset about any of them and it will be interesting to remember over time that even in pristine circumstances these things are true for me.

1.  I am an erratic exerciser.  With 40 weeks of a HUGE amount of control of my schedule I still did & did not exercise in a nearly random pattern.  I identify as both athletic and as a runner but if I had to submit an application to a governing board I would not have retained either of those qualifications this year.

2.  City proximity is more important than being there.  I LOVE that I am as close to a major city as I am and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this city, that it is filled with everything any engaged human being could possibly want.  I just haven’t been down there much.  Nor will I be from the looks of it.  Dear City, knowing you are there is enough.  To be truthful: I am semi-close to a major city when we aren’t on LLV …. I have never learned to love that city.  Not even close.  Not even a little bit.

3.  I never learned how to invite people to my home comfortably.  Sometimes I can rally for an EVENT, but like just for … the fun of it??? Yeeeeeah, I don’t know how to do that.  Maybe I don’t need to *know* how – but it feels too strange for me to do just for fun.  That is easier to cover when we aren’t on LLV because we are WAY out of town.

4.  I want Dunkin Donuts to make my coffee.  They are better at it and it makes me feel cared for.  I can make my own, and have for most of this year but when the going gets tough / sad / happy / non-normal the tough gets her ass to DD for a large coffee.

5.  I love hospital work.  No matter what the work is.  I think healthcare is fascinating in every angle and I love working in that field.

(wow, you should see the tags that wordpress is blindly throwing my direction right now – my favorite is Doctor of Divinity which must have sprung off of DD …. yeeeeeeeah.  The coffee is good but it ain’t g-d.)

What have you learned about yourself this year?