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I sang, as part of a group, tonight. There are 105 of us in the chorus, the orchestra is about as large. The Concertmaster looks a lot like my FIL, but is not.

I am, in all honesty, a weak alto who would be a stronger tenor – but I don’t sing enough to be strong in any circumstance. I stay in alto because there are more people there and I hope my weakness doesn’t show. A strange paradox — singing in a weak range because being part of a smaller number in a stronger range scares me.


Firsts show was tonight, with a matinee tomorrow.

I glow and thrive in applause, in being back stage, in being in a pre-performance mode. I love it more than many, many things. If it was part of how I made a living I think it would make me very happy.

They stood up tonight. A beloved Standing O. I closed my eyes and smiled because I MADE THAT.