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I read a lot of spoilers about Glee, but nobody under the age of 35 seems to have any grip on what really happened with Sam this episode. So welcome, to Nationals.

Most of the spoilers were twitching with anger that the straight, blonde, white guy was going to have to save Blaine from a panic attack at nationals. Now, don’t get me wrong here, I would love for them to reintroduce Blaine to his spine because my G-D has his character jumped the shark. BUT.

Let’s review Sam’s high school career …
1. Last guy the lesbian dated, and then, because she’s generally mean, is taunted by her.
2. Briefly homeless.
3. Works secretly as a stripper to provide for his parents.
4. Is found by his high school friends working as a stripper.
5. Lives, apparently, with friends for the rest of high school.
6. Decides against college to be a model in New York.

Through all of this he is an open, pleasant, wide-open kind of guy. A little dumb maybe, but overall you’d invite him to dinner and maybe introduce him to a friend as a romantic potential kind of guy – when he is 20.

His life is going NOWHERE. He’s good looking but he’s not going be a model for long – or well. So Mr. Shu sets him up. With a prepared & ready group, Shu looks at him as says, “you’re a leader, you’ll get them through this.”

It is the one moment that he’ll look back on for the rest of his life. He’ll recount his glorious speeches, how he stood up to Jean, how he thought to bring the plaque and then got mad and shouty at Throat Explosion. He’ll use the stories to get women into bed until he is 25, he’ll tell it to his kids until he is 40, his grandkids will snicker about his high school glory days even after he dies.

Still. For one glorious moment, Sam Evans will have stepped forward into the spotlight that was never meant for him – because Mr. Shu pointed it at him, just this once.

My husband teases me by saying, “yeah, but you don’t like science fiction”. Which, I said to him more than once in our earlier years together. Usually he says this when I’m in the fifth minute of flapping, hyperventilating, squeaking monologue about Billie Piper playing Rose playing Bad Wolf.

Or that most things I think about writing are prefaced with the phrase, “I like what John Scalzi says about this …”

Or that I listen to Welcome To Night Vale at all.

Readers here know of my twitching about Glee, and Amanda F*cking Palmer (new release today with her husband —TWIRL)

Paul McCann mentions [redacted] and brings a 20 year body of work into cannon in an instant. And breaks the internet. I complain about cannon and head-cannon [because head cannon is NOT A THING].

What does all of this do for a 40 year-old woman?

It makes me feel excited — excited like Santa Claus is REAL.
It focuses me outside of my immediate world.
It helps me remember that all of this is real – but it ain’t all serious all the time.
Doctor Who shows chivalry and goodness.
Glee flirts.
AFP is power and determination
WTNV actually turns words the way my mind does, and keys into the absurdist part of me that doesn’t get aired out much.

I like Slate’s Political Gabfest because it tunes me into the political world in a way that is comfortable.
I like Adam Savage’s Still Untitled podcast because DANG he is clever, creative, and friendly sounding.
I like Wil Wheaton because he is the voice of my part of my generation.

Ryan Murphy can sleep just fine at night. He has completely nailed the first three episodes this season in an amazing pressure cooker of expectation.

He called it just right by not naming why Finn died. He just did and really the “how?” of it doesn’t matter much for the fictional character. Now, for Cory it absolutely matters because he is a face of heroin addiction that isn’t often seen — but for Finn it just doesn’t.

There were 3 million more viewers of The Quarterback than either of the first two episodes this season. What happened was a lovely blend of The Characters and their reaction to Finn’s death and The Actors reacting to the death of Cory. It rarely seemed like it was anything other than The Actors dressed like The Characters and standing places The Characters would stand.

No place was that more evident than the discord of Lea / Rachel’s song. Her studio recording of the song was strong, but clearly not her best (and who could possibly expect more of this woman right now). The filming of her singing it (after years of practicing lip synching to her own work) was brutal and heart crushing to watch because it didn’t match. She couldn’t access emotional distance (or didn’t want Rachel to) and it is agonizing to watch her mourn on screen.

Two last thoughts…

1. I am on tumblr where I am a silly crazed fangirl to my heart’s content. I was really touched when other fandoms put together little blips that acknowledged that it was going to be a rough and emotional night in the Glee fandom.

2. The Actors are roughly the same age as my group was when my first husband died. It stood out to me.

Now for the hiatus. They are back on Nov 9 doing … what Glee does. Doctor Who has the 50th on Nov 23rd and then nothing until the Christmas special. I’m keeping up with TBBT but that is just pleasant and not really appointment viewing for me right now.

I am learning to own a lot of my geek tendencies, but my Gleek tendencies are dialed to about 11 this week and I’m not talking about much because about the only thing I have is…

Twirl and faint.

Ryan Murphy and crew did a great job with this. Starting with contriving a tiny thing so that Rachel could sing Yesterday as the opening song.

The setup makes sense for Rachel, but it gives everybody who is holding their breath for the third show of the season (Cory’s show) a little something to hold onto. Also, it is completely crushing to watch her sing it – she nails it and it is impossible to watch without knowing (1) Cory is dead, (2) Recently, (3) She recorded AND filmed the sequence after he had died. What makes that even more impressive is that in the one public appearance that I have seen she was having such a tough night.

I loved all the Klaine parts. There are all KINDS of things and stuff that make it questionable (the choreography of their first song as much as anything else – WTH guys?) but fundamentally I like the pairing and what the actors do with it. I’m interested to see how they sort out Kurt because he was such a puppet to plot point last year that his life isn’t actually possible. With the exception of Lea & Cory, nobody else duets likes Chris & Darren.

I’m happy that Artie and Tina both seem to exist, and I echo the idea that Artie should get to sing more often because he actually has an interesting voice.

I’m sorry that Sam has turned into the plot point puppet this season (in that, I am sorry that they have a plot point puppet instead of writing that makes the puppet unnecessary) but I’m not a fan of Sam or Chord (the actor) so … eh. I would have skipped his bits anyhow.

With the impossibility of Finnchel being “endgame” I think that Klaine got upgraded. I like the idea of it … but the groundwork isn’t quite there on either character besides being gay [spoiler] teenagers (and even R. Murphy has backed away from them kissing (although the lesbian couples aren’t as chaste)). It is shaky as them being OTP … but if they get more airtime, solos, and duets I suspect I’ll be buying more Glee songs this season than last.

I woke up at 4a in the middle of a fight / anxiety dream. I rolled over but couldn’t get disengaged from the dream and woke all the way up. Grabbed my phone and flipped through, stuff.

The Zimmerman verdict came down. My fb page has both sides shouting loudly.

Then I see a post from my old music teacher, Corey Monteith died. He was 31 and playing Finn Hudson on Glee. Likely addiction related, as he had struggled with addiction since he was 19.

I would like to see the show write him off as an actual death … but. His show girlfriend (all of the disclaimers about how not really but still sorta blah) was also his actual girlfriend and I cannot imagine how anyone with any heart at all could ask her to do that in front of a camera.

The season starts Sept 19 and they haven’t started to film yet. I cannot imagine how this will happen.

I’m using Glee as a distraction right now. It is 4:45 and I need to put the twitter down and try to sleep some more. We live in a strange world where things work out very differently than you first think they might.

If you haven’t watched Wonder-ful yet and you want surprises just bail out right now.



Thank you Burt Hummel.  Thank you Ryan Murphy.

For this brief shining moment Glee managed to open a possibility (Blaine wants to marry Kurt) and then have an adult (oh my how I LOVE Burt) say realistic grown-up things.  It was amazing.  I know the story line isn’t over, the production shots in a jewelry store make that pretty clear, but they held it together for 42 minutes and that is good enough for me this week.

I hope that Kurt’s twitches at the beginning of the show were just a lead in for concerned looks during Superstitious and not some new demeaning story line for him.  I continue to be surprised at how much Chris Colfer remains second tier with a well-loved character and the chops to actually act instead of just chewing on the furniture.  With the enormous ball-drop on eating disorders they need to just leave OCD out of the picture for awhile.  Also – I want someone to medicate Kitty.

Finally, I want to offer an observation about the timing of this season.  It appears, to my untrained (yet not stupid) eye that about Valentine’s Day the crew at Glee realized that there was NO FREAKING WAY to make us care about the new members in a single season that was split between Lima & New York so they slammed on the pacing brakes and will now let Artie, Tina, Blaine, and Sam’s senior year play out over two seasons.  My guess is that they will mainly end up in New York (clearly, since Artie is headed there already) and then in the second of the two-year contract they just signed there will either be a spin off of the original cast (if the new cast has gained more traction) or the whole thing will just shift to absurdly large apartments in New York (Mr. Shu gets the chance of a lifetime!!)

For now, most of that is ok with me, in a moment of insanity Burt Hummel (the best written adult of that show except maybe Sue) said grown-up things to a child LIKE HE SHOULD.  I will totally take that for now.


Ok.  I’m only buying them if they have at least some New York story line.  The Thursday episode I won’t watch until Friday or Saturday this week.  I’m writing this before it airs but I cannot imagine that Rachel gets a Broadway lead right away.  Then I see the Kate Hudson pictures and I’m not so sure.  There is only one story line I really care about, but the New York stuff (as contrived as it might be) is interesting enough.

Doctor Who.

I’m so torn about this right now.  I keep waiting for Clara to illicit some sort of feeeeellllzzzz from me.  It may be my personal ambient stress level but it isn’t happening so far.  I didn’t even make it through The Rings of Akhaten, although I will likely try again at some point.  I’m excited about the 50th anniversary season.  I’m excited to see what Moffet is going to do with Clara (which I think will be exceptional) but I’m ready for him to GET ON WITH IT.  Also.  River.  Need more River.

Other geeky stuff …

Hmmmmmmm, actually pretty low on the geek right now. Haven’t seen the new Tabletop yet because my wifi can’t hang right at the moment.

What geek stuff are you loving right now?  How are you feeling about Glee and Doctor Who?

Moments of geek recently –

1.  Today I was a middle aged woman in a Doctor Who t-shirt shooting baskets in a rousing game of one-on-none at the YMCA.  I was awesome, and clearly why basketball was invented in the first place.

2.  I sat at B&N in a sweaty Doctor Who t-shirt eating a “grilled cheese pretzel” (g-dd-mn those are good) reading Doctor Who magazines.  Accidentally.

3.  The Klaine storyline on Glee is the only storyline I care about so the last two episodes have made me obsessively happy.  They also *made* me rent Moulin Rouge and I STILL get chills during Roxanne.

3a.  Tango spins.  D@MN.

4.  Sigh.  Klaine.

5.  I saw a Big Bang Theory shirt (specifically Sheldon and the word Bazinga) hanging next to a Justin Beiber shirt in a local store.  I wanted to rescue Sheldon (as I so often do).

Geek life is good.


If you have never watched the clip before, it is very sexually aggressive and might be upsetting for some.