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There is a picture of me at about 14.  I am sitting at a picnic table glaring at my mom, because I’m 14.  My hair is super short, and permed on top.  I have acne that will eventually be medically managed but then I managed it by tearing my face apart. I am wearing at least two, but I think three, tank tops – red, yellow, and (if there is a third) white.  I am wearing below-the-knee shorts that are red, yellow, and white.  I suspect that I’m wearing my white, leather, zip up at the heel sandals – but I’m not sure.  It is at least 93 degrees where I am.  All of my limbs are 14 years old, which is to say they are stretched long and tan, and I’m never quite sure where any of them end.


I was so cool that day.  That was my favorite outfit, and I rocked that haircut.  I had spent time on it even though I was going to spend the day moving back and forth from the bench to the patio on The Hill, which was a lot of beautiful not-much, in the middle of a lot of beautiful no-where.  I worked hard to be that cute.


I can look back at that picture as an adult and know that my style has always been consistent.  Identify what is “on trend” and then do something near it, without fear of the things that make me happy.  I own plenty of things that look absolutely normal for a working 40 year-old woman; the stuff we all have – chunky necklaces, nude heels, black slacks.  I also own zebra shoes, Vibrams, and silver ankle boots.  Just like I did when I was 14, I have buttons on my purse (Doctor Who and The Book of Mormon).


When I look at that picture of me, I don’t see bad hair and the dodgy fashions of the day.  I know, right away, that it was the days of Dippity Doo and Aqua Net and that my 14 year old hands knew less about fixin’ hair than I do now (and I still wear short, basically un-styled hair).  There weren’t flat irons and reliable ways to maintain loose curls all day long.  Nobody I knew had any idea what an up-do was (as far as I can tell) and I certainly had never had one.


Here is the tricky part (a buried lead if ever there was one) – I refuse to judge 14 year old me by my 39 year-old eyes.


I look in the mirror this morning and think Cute, Stylish, Rockin’!, just like I did when I was 14.  I was right then, and I’m right now. 


I will not chip away at my energy and love for myself today by tearing down the person I was then.  I did the best I could, and I rocked it.

I don’t think the 11th Doctor will ever leave Trenzalor.  I think the 50th and the Christmas special will happen there.  He is still there at the season finale, it provides an old school story arch, he’s messed up in his own timeline (so Tennant makes sense), and the idea that he’ll escape Trenzalor and then fall just seems wrong.

Now – why is John Hurt there?  Is there a Doctor Prime / central embodiment?  So the 11th falls at the same place where his (and the TARDIS) will ultimately die?

John Hurt

John Hurt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ok.  I’m only buying them if they have at least some New York story line.  The Thursday episode I won’t watch until Friday or Saturday this week.  I’m writing this before it airs but I cannot imagine that Rachel gets a Broadway lead right away.  Then I see the Kate Hudson pictures and I’m not so sure.  There is only one story line I really care about, but the New York stuff (as contrived as it might be) is interesting enough.

Doctor Who.

I’m so torn about this right now.  I keep waiting for Clara to illicit some sort of feeeeellllzzzz from me.  It may be my personal ambient stress level but it isn’t happening so far.  I didn’t even make it through The Rings of Akhaten, although I will likely try again at some point.  I’m excited about the 50th anniversary season.  I’m excited to see what Moffet is going to do with Clara (which I think will be exceptional) but I’m ready for him to GET ON WITH IT.  Also.  River.  Need more River.

Other geeky stuff …

Hmmmmmmm, actually pretty low on the geek right now. Haven’t seen the new Tabletop yet because my wifi can’t hang right at the moment.

What geek stuff are you loving right now?  How are you feeling about Glee and Doctor Who?

Moments of geek recently –

1.  Today I was a middle aged woman in a Doctor Who t-shirt shooting baskets in a rousing game of one-on-none at the YMCA.  I was awesome, and clearly why basketball was invented in the first place.

2.  I sat at B&N in a sweaty Doctor Who t-shirt eating a “grilled cheese pretzel” (g-dd-mn those are good) reading Doctor Who magazines.  Accidentally.

3.  The Klaine storyline on Glee is the only storyline I care about so the last two episodes have made me obsessively happy.  They also *made* me rent Moulin Rouge and I STILL get chills during Roxanne.

3a.  Tango spins.  D@MN.

4.  Sigh.  Klaine.

5.  I saw a Big Bang Theory shirt (specifically Sheldon and the word Bazinga) hanging next to a Justin Beiber shirt in a local store.  I wanted to rescue Sheldon (as I so often do).

Geek life is good.


If you have never watched the clip before, it is very sexually aggressive and might be upsetting for some.