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In a couple of weeks I will loose Google Reader, and in November I will lose iGoogle as my general homepage. I have not done anything to replace these sytems yet. Instead, I am thinking a lot about digital clutter and how much I actually want.

There are blogs that I have read for more than a decade. A couple that I still consistently enjoy, and some where I feel invested so I keep following along. What if I only read them when they crossed my mind?

I don’t watch the news, or go to, if I am unsubscribed to the feeds which bring at least a small amount of current events my way then … what?

There are blogs that I find professionally interesting, which I can bookmark at work I suppose. There is following on fb and Twitter to keep sort of caught up. I spend more time on those two sites in general (and if I was better at Twitter it would be my first choice), and I find the connections easier and more personable there than in blogs in general. WordPress keeps me updated on blogs I follow within that universe.

The more I think about it, and think about it in combination with spending my time doing things that I value the more I suspect that the strangest thing about losing Google Reader will be how little I actually lose.