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The Crayon Problem – the instinct to clamp down on the nearest binary problem after spending time at the far limits of your proficiency.

Imagine if you will a Board agenda that says:

1.  Strategic Planning in Light of Current Budget Cuts and Ensuing Crisis

2.  Resupplying local art cabinet.

Wax Crayons In Primary Colours

Want to guess what the local art cabinet is getting?  Jack.Shit. Or *maybe* Rose Art crayons, which are as good as nothing.

It shows up everywhere, once you spend time at out at the far edges of your comfort zone there is an inclination to anchor yourself in the things you are confident you know (I am completely team Crayola, and there isn’t a colored pencil in the world that passes muster).

I realized this week that the reverse of the Crayon Problem also exists.  When entering a time of uncertainty there is a strong desire to clamp down on the things that you have mastery off (as a reminder: your tub was never as clean as 36 hours before your first final exam).

As much as I once viewed the reverse of the Crayon Problem as procrastination, in this week I have decided that it is ok to take the time to root down in things I have mastery of.  It may be that I come out of this moment with a clean tub and bleached towels, or it may be that I have my home in order for a time where my mind is divided.

I don’t know.

I don’t regret my time.

I don’t walk the stations of the cross, I don’t make deals, but dammit – if a storm is coming I have bread and milk.