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I am a fan of Chris Colfer as an actor on Glee, and I’m curious about him as an author, and as actor in other shows (he is amazing in the staged read of 8):

He has written a couple of best selling YA novels.  The first one I read, the second one I listened to part of, they are interesting and fun.  Not my usual genre but pleasant.  So now that he is on a book tour for the third I checked to see if we would line up anywhere, and low and behold we did.  I ordered two books, got two tickets, and planned to go stand in front of him (as hundreds were doing every day) for eight seconds.

Each person *could* have six items to sign.  There are photographs into the 250 person range with me overhearing one employee saying there were 400 tickets distributed.

Two things start to happen in tandem to each other.

The first is that I became acutely aware of him as a person, and I cannot imagine spending three weeks going around the country doing what he is currently doing.  Even with staff to help (Neil Gaiman has written interesting things about being the guy in the center of a book tour), being excited about the potential to promote the book, and being genuinely interested in the people who read it … I just.  Couldn’t.  I wanted to bring a bottle of water, or diet pepsi, or an apple.  Something to acknowledge his humanity in this.  I wonder about the surreal nature of being a 24 year old guy who wins awards, is a New York Times bestselling author, who sings like a dream and has gotten very very fine in the last couple of years and looking up and smiling …

…while the second thing is happening.

The girl who I overhear saying that she has worked for an hour a night for 30 nights on what she wants to give him.  I see her later, after she met him for 8 seconds sobbing Beatlemania style outside the book store.

I see the retiree who is hopping up and down.

I see the woman in front of me who is older than I am, has two Glee related tattoos that I can see, and has a special made phone cover which is a picture of her and Darren Criss.  I hear her say to a stranger / new friend that Darren has seen her at so many events that he recognizes her.

I know there are many shades of intensity in any fandom, and that a lot of them are healthy (or mainly healthy most of the time at least).  Hell, I’ve chosen to drive for an hour each way to spend 8 seconds with him.  I’ve made special shirts for other things.  Fuck – I’m going to Dragon*Con in costume (AGAIN).

Still, I think about some things Glee cast members (especially Chris & Darren) have said in regards to the actions of the fictional characters they play.  I think about people who find solace in fandom (me, sometimes) and those who drift over to the deep end of fandom where their own life drifts away on a cloud of gathering information about someone else.

I love seeing people excited about stuff, I know that my geek shows up in strange ways, I know that adults are not allowed much in the way of giddy reaction to anything, and more than anything I kind of hope that (1) everybody at that book signing was ok by the end of it, and (2) that Chris enjoys his work because I doubt that he predicted that it would be like this.

If you haven’t watched Wonder-ful yet and you want surprises just bail out right now.



Thank you Burt Hummel.  Thank you Ryan Murphy.

For this brief shining moment Glee managed to open a possibility (Blaine wants to marry Kurt) and then have an adult (oh my how I LOVE Burt) say realistic grown-up things.  It was amazing.  I know the story line isn’t over, the production shots in a jewelry store make that pretty clear, but they held it together for 42 minutes and that is good enough for me this week.

I hope that Kurt’s twitches at the beginning of the show were just a lead in for concerned looks during Superstitious and not some new demeaning story line for him.  I continue to be surprised at how much Chris Colfer remains second tier with a well-loved character and the chops to actually act instead of just chewing on the furniture.  With the enormous ball-drop on eating disorders they need to just leave OCD out of the picture for awhile.  Also – I want someone to medicate Kitty.

Finally, I want to offer an observation about the timing of this season.  It appears, to my untrained (yet not stupid) eye that about Valentine’s Day the crew at Glee realized that there was NO FREAKING WAY to make us care about the new members in a single season that was split between Lima & New York so they slammed on the pacing brakes and will now let Artie, Tina, Blaine, and Sam’s senior year play out over two seasons.  My guess is that they will mainly end up in New York (clearly, since Artie is headed there already) and then in the second of the two-year contract they just signed there will either be a spin off of the original cast (if the new cast has gained more traction) or the whole thing will just shift to absurdly large apartments in New York (Mr. Shu gets the chance of a lifetime!!)

For now, most of that is ok with me, in a moment of insanity Burt Hummel (the best written adult of that show except maybe Sue) said grown-up things to a child LIKE HE SHOULD.  I will totally take that for now.