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My work situation rearranged four weeks ago. It still feels like 100% the right thing at the right time and here is the roundup of some of the stuff that has happened.

1. I turned my phone ringer on for (basically) the first time in 3 months. I switched up all my ring tones and I don’t startle when my phone rings anymore (one of the strangest parts of my experiment with anxiety was my reaction to my phone).

2. The anxiety experiment seems to have finished itself off about mid-October. If it comes back I will deal with it, but it feels like it is gone for now.

3. I helped a friend with medical stuff when she needed it.

4. I got to carve a silly pumpkin.

5. I’m making it to the gym 3-4 times a week.

6. I’m free to make a trip that wasn’t planned and feels very important.

7. The dog we borrowed has calmed down a lot with some extra mobility during the day.

8. My lunch hour with friends … has expanded past the standard 60 minutes. As have morning coffee meetings.

9. My husband gets to finish his work and leave it at work instead of rushing to leave and needing to bring it home.

10. I got to design a project which I’m excited about. Not just think of it, but really work through what it will be and then work towards selling and delivering it. Because my whole life has been filled with these sort of ideas, being able to finally work it through and DO it makes my 40th year feel really special and filled with potential.

I did a different project a few years ago, and this one has gone better than that one did (for a number of reasons). So my plan is that the next project will go better than this one, and so on and so on. I understand that success isn’t linear but as long as I don’t forget stuff as I go — knowledge won’t do a downhill slide. I am learning so much right now.

(Bonus! I am participating with a group that always felt like it took too much time away from my family. Now if feels important to spend that small (seasonal) chunk of time with others).

(Extra Bonus! My WTNV t-shirt and my Doctor Who 50th shirt are getting WORN!)

(Sorry, one more Bonus!) It was 70 and sunny today, I got to work at one of the coffee shops while sitting in the sun. I am becoming the Impossible Girl.

It is not always easy to be my kid.  It isn’t supposed to be easy all the time  but my guy has had his work cut out for him today.

We woke up early today, and I woke up in a very good mood.  We had time so we made pumpkin muffins together, even after I soaked up 1/2C of oil with three cloth napkins … I was feeling good, we were in a groove.

The 15 minutes before his dad took him to school I was biting my tongue because “it is time to GO guys” — they weren’t LATE per se — it was just time TO GO.

It started to snow as part of the next snowstorm marching across the nation.   Horizontal snow, door blowing open, husband’s school letting out early… hard core start.  So, I left work early, ditched the plan to work out (it has been TOO long y’all), grabbed the grocery bags and went and got the boy.  We went to the grocery store, we picked up some cocoa and coffee at DD, we went home.

Something about the way he got out of the car (aka – he didn’t read my mind and comply 100% the instant I had a thought … I was the one out of step) made me see red.

We got inside, he was having a great time and I was trying to recover and put food away.

When the garbage guy approached I thought it would be fun/nice/an excuse to YELL thanks to the guy who was working hard in the blowing snow.  He shouted back that I was putting the garbage out wrong.  That pointed out to me how fragile I was feeling because I really just wanted to sit down and cry.  I was TRYING to recover.

Husband got home early and went outside to tend to the accumulating snow.  We got dressed and then spent TWO hours crashing around in the snow and sledding on the “hill” that Husband built for us.  It was great fun.

Son couldn’t decide WHAT he wanted to drink when we got it… he wanted all of it.

We’ve got two hours until bedtime, that includes dinner… wish me luck.