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My pre-graduation purchase at the end of my undergrad degree was an ankle length brown wool coat with huge pockets, two buttons and a tie at the waist. It smacks of wool bathrobe. I’ve had that coat for 17 years now, and it is still perfect.

I live in Georgia and it is impossible to do that today without being on the brink of an aneurysm because of the weather. Part of being an adult with a winter coat nearly old enough to vote is that many things can be true and exist in my mind with minimal conflict.

1. Yes, I’m from IL and do not intuitively understand the level of hyperventilating about snow BUT I also can think about my decade in GA and know that I’ve never seen a snowplow bigger than one a guy can keep in a shed and put on his F150 once a year.

2. Oh my yesterday in Atlanta was a total and utter clusterfuck, no doubt. I may never understand why folks didn’t pull into the local Ruby Tuesdays and have some dinner – but they made the best choice they thought they could at the time. At an institutional level I expect that nothing will be learned, on a personal level for those thousands of people, I hope something is. Even if it is just “pee before you leave.”

3. Snow is pretty, especially when it is 30 degrees with no wind.

4. My GA brain understands it academically, but my IL brain cannot grok the school decisions. I know, I know, but *honestly*.

5. The grocery store thing? Everybody has their bread, milk, & wine threshold. Mine is different than yours. People in Alaska think I’m a pussy. It is all true. My biggest question is what the hell bread concoction all of you are MAKING?? Sandwiches, got it. French toast? Bread Pudding? A Castle? Or worse, are you making the milk toast (soak one burned piece of toast in milk and then consume) that my grandmother makes — because I don’t think I can talk to you if you are.

My kid hasn’t had a full week of school since December 10. I’m this close |-| to an aneurysm because there is nothing to say about the weather that is original, especially as a north to south transplant.

Except this:

San Diego is dry with a perfect temperature all year round. Lots of good looking young men. Lousy traffic and crippling house prices. Who cares? The weather is perfect.