My legal-to-drink nephew said he wasn’t interested in being an adult.  Oooooohhhh how I laughed, at the thought that it was something that could be opted out of.  That choice was a possible option.

He’s a good man and everything will work out, I’m not worried about that at all, but the idea of just  …. not adulting has some interesting points.

So.  My governor signed a bill into law that he vetoed last year.  A FOIA indicated that about 150 people had contact with his office in support of the bill while 14,000+ (myself included) had contact with his office encouraging him to take the exact same action he took last year on the same damn bill.  Oh.  And the NRA had a big convention in Atlanta the week before.  So now concealed carry on college campuses is legal.

So.  My nation’s president is … Donald Trump.  I’m a liberal patriot and this just isn’t going well from my standpoint.  I like healthcare, a nation striving to not divide on religious, romantic, or racial lines, infrastructure, I like to think that the president can keep a secret and keep his mouth shut.  So, it has been a long four months.

So.  My congressman is too chicken to have a meeting in my town, which is the largest in his district.  A town so dominantly liberal that is has been gerrymandered into THREE districts to make sure we can’t get the momentum to get one democrat (or progressive) in place.

But.  I adult.  I’m still supporting good journalism.  My senators are on speed dial.  I ordered the *special* postcards that help articulate my frustration with not being heard by the people whose SALARY I FUCKING PAY.

I think back to who I was when I graduated from college, a Gen X (slacker, cynical, apathetic … we ALLLLLLLL were because judging on age is FINE) history major thinking I was on the cutting edge with the insight that every empire that has ever risen has also fallen.  My thinking falling just short of the idea that I would watch it fall.

I look now at the land of the free and the home of the brave not with a target of another 40 years for me, but instead looking for the old, aged end of my child’s days to be one of a republic which cares for it’s most vulnerable with affection, kindness, and cash money for food.  With the Buffets and Gates of the nation standing taller than … well.  Other rich white guys.

May the force be with us even when our representatives aren’t.