Yes, this defies physics and logic – BUT if I were to have total sensory comfort right now I would …

Be wearing a black hoodie pullover over a loose tank top – the hood pulled over my head.  Also, warm, soft leather wrist cuffs.  Sweatpants that are oversized and soft inside but felt the way I always imagined X’s from high-schools sweatpants did (they fit her in the super cute way that was possible when you are both shorter and curvier than I was/am).  My socks would be soft (but not that strange fuzz) and oversized.  My feet would feel non-in-pain (which frankly can’t remember).

I would be sitting on a moderately sturdy chaise lounge shaped bean bag covered in the strange white “fur”that currently covers everything at Target, it would be on an east coast beach where I was on the good sand but not in immediate need of attention to the tide, it would not be covered in sand.  My legs would be stretched out in front of me and the back would be tall enough that my head and shoulders were supported. I would be under a weighted blanket (good l-rd I want a weighted blanket).

It would be sunrise with a warm fire between me and the water where the ocean breeze would move the sense of warmth but never the smoke.  It would smell and sound like a beach.  Unless I looked in one direction (chair and fire staying oriented to me) and it would be totally silent, or in another direction (chair swivels) and it would be a dance beat that was just loud and interesting enough that it made not-thinking a great option.

My fingernails would be painted beach sunrise colors (ten different variations of the colors) with some little details, but in a totally classy way.  I would have a big cup of coffee that had sugar and chocolate creamer and the insane “whipped cream” science craziness  from Race Trac.  I would get to drink as many cups as I’d like and I wouldn’t turn into a nasty, anxious, tremoring bitch.  There would be medium rare fillet mignon and over easy eggs.