Local Billboard

Why don’t we do this for other ideas?

I’ve been thinking about this for more than a year now.  At first, I considered it in the context of civics and helping people recognize their place in American duty.  I still think of it in that context.

I also think of it in a scientific way.  The American Dream is built on science.  Anti-lock brakes are science.  Skyscrapers, John Deere, candy-coated chocolates, and ATMs are all science (and engineering and math and art …).

So, in the spirit of each person digging in and doing what they can as part of their civic duty — I will do the same.

I am launching a community funded project to bring simple, approachable, effective messages of science and civics to the highways of the United States.  Patron is an online platform that is designed to let people donate small amounts to build up to a big cause.  You can donate monthly at any amount you choose but at the $10 amount you get to help vote for designs and locations.

How much a billboard costs varies on a lot of different components, and it will take some time to build up to the second billboard but I hope you’ll consider helping to start this.

There isn’t time to waste.

Patreon Highway Mind