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November 2016 – the lost month.

I finished the MCM and the next morning woke up to the news of a heartbreaking death.  Traveling home trying to figure out how to explain the unexplainable to our kid, and then feeling my way through it with the help of a lot of support locally.  We went to a memorial that held a deep personal isolation in sharp contrast to the 100s that were there to weep together.

There was an election.

I entered the lottery for the Chicago marathon

I surfaced in time to travel to Illinois for a lot of great days with people who I adore, generally eyeball deep in logistics and love which is a good place to be.  I saw Hamilton, with different eyes than I would have a month earlier, but it was still amazing.

I went home for a minute.

I went back to Illinois for a conference, the presentation and panels were awesome.  The company was great.

My running went to crap.  My acro wasn’t available.  My fitness fell, but nowhere near where I was a few years ago – a strange thing indeed.

Hi December, I’m trying to be back in the world.