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I was at a conference for a couple of days last week.  It was filled with people saying things I enjoyed, and things that challenged me in comfortable professional ways.  It was nice.

My mom was in town last week.  She and I went to dinner and we talked about things including life and professional conferences.  There was this moment where she and I got to the same conclusion at the same moment.

I slipped out of phase.  I felt like I’d been through a Star Trek transporter with only 95% of me coming out the other side.  5% has been in ideas, implications, questions, paths, twists, turns, excitement, fear, confusion.

I took Friday off because it was beautiful, it was spring break for my son, because I was out of phase and that wouldn’t stop until I got it out of my head and onto giant sticky notes on the wall.  In working through one idea, there was another.

I sent my mom the list of the three advanced degrees I thought would make it easier.  I started bainstorming ways that maybe I wouldn’t be $9B in school debt, ways I could get smarter faster.

I love this part of my brain.  I feel sorry for people around me when I can’t even articulate what I’m thinking about but I know that it will gel or drift away if I just let it settle for awhile.

I don’t know if it will be real.  I’ve thought of a lot of stuff over time that had this feel wrapped around it.  Sometimes I’ve made it.  Sometimes other people have made it and I’ve seen it in stores 18 months later by coincidence.  Sometimes it is just a wayward jaunt.  Sometimes it is a stepping stone on the path I’ve traveled for a long time.

I have the urge to build.

It is a good phase, no matter how long it lasts.