So mid-February in the south means that you’ve basically made it through whatever “winter” you are going to have.  It is the equivalent of mid-March in Illinois, you know there is another day or two (or week) of crap weather but basically the corner has been turned.

The end of winter is when my New Year’s daydreams, or goal words, or whatever need to start up or pack up.  My mid-40s have taught me that a lot of my life is a cycle and that winter is when I want to create but often falter.

I remember a couple of years ago this was about the time of year that I wanted us to stop shouting from room to room and interrupting each other.  Last winter there were days at the beach painting fast watercolors.  This winter  I’ve missed opportunities to do things that I know keep me going (runs, good food, enough water), I’ve put off or displaced the things that help me feel on track (I have grocery shopped at Target (not even a super target – just target) for 4 weeks now).  The check engine light is on in mind – but it is the kind of check engine light that isn’t RED or BLINKING so … it is ok.

So, after a three day adventure weekend of long train rides and good company it is time to be ready for what comes next.  In the winter I daydream of creating things and get plowed under with the work of life.  This year (again, begin. again) I will work towards creating those things.

All I can do is relentlessly try.