Dallas in April for Work

Cincinnati in May for a Race

Roanoke in June for a Race

DC in October for a Race

NYC sometime at the end of the year for aplay

Still thinking about Boston, NOLA, Coronado, the beach

Only the work trip will even hit 72 hours and I love it that.  I don’t know many (ahem – any) people that like to travel the way I do – as a single objective trip.

It is true, I don’t get the true flavor of a town the same way I would if I was there for a week (at which point I would still just be hitting the tourists-most-toured).  Even that doesn’t match the flavor that comes with a month or a year of experience.  I’m ok with that, with the surface view of one specific aspect of a town.

I’m thinking about it today because I sort of had a ninja travel experience into Atlanta.  A friend pointed out a fun looking 5k in Piedmont Park (where I had never been).  We met, ran, and had a great brunch together.  It wasn’t an overnight trip (I did that in the spring with the Amanda Palmer concert which absolutely was ninja travel) but it felt like enough of a variation from a normal weekend that it has an element of refreshing exhaustion to it.

Also, I learned about tatchos – which are a nacho style pile of food but piled onto tatertots instead of chips.

I have a three day weekend in Feburary, and that doesn’t allow for northbound travel because the weather is too twitchy … but I am looking around a little.