I like Dragon*Con, I even like That Guy.

Every year he brings his zealot enthusiasm with him.  He doesn’t care if Han shot first.  He’s not going to cut a b!tch over Marvel vs DC.  If he said Jean Luc Picard was the best starship captain ever nobody would argue, but he’d never say it out loud.

He is as much a pillar at the parade as the water bottle guy.  He has a great spot and he gets there early every year – he isn’t about to miss out on the spectacle.

He is just so damn worried about us.


There are 7,000 PARTICIPANTS in the parade.  The route is 9/10ths of a mile long and is often that deep with people.  Men and women march in body paint and just enough material to not get arrested (everyone has dimpled flesh.  everyone).  The storm troopers of the 501st often wear armor that doesn’t clearly differentiate gender so he can’t even target his megaphone / microphone enhanced shouting.

I will never know if he sees thousands of people routing for the good guy.  Imagining a day when we can be peaceful with each other and with aliens.  I don’t know if he understands the millions of words that were read and watched about justice and kindness and moral correctness.  The monologues about rising up to be a better person.  I doubt it.  That isn’t all we read either, to be sure, but still.

He is so worried about a group of people watching a parade on a beautiful Saturday morning that he never misses it.

I wish he knew we’d be happy to share our joy if he’d just put his sign down and be there with us.