Let’s be honest, the”new year” isn’t every really January 1st, it is the start of school.  Fresh pencils, new schedules, and the opportunity to be the best version of aspirational you – because you have not yet just started to ditch class to watch reruns of Star Trek.  My actual new year also has the new drive at work, my birthday, and my son’s birthday so the rush of Back-To-School comes with cupcakes and all manner of birthday frenzy for both of us.

Over the summer I’ve done a lot of running, and I’ve done a lot of active thinking about what I eat because I was tired of buying bigger pants.  It all came together nicely, I’m on track for August being a 50 mile month, I’ve turned the Marine Corps Marathon into a specific race series that I want to run this year in prep for running in in 2016, I’m signed up for the half-marathon that kicks it off.  I weigh something that feels more comfortable to me.

Now that old twitch of mine has started to show up.  Having identified a number of things that work for me over the summer, spending time and energy to do them, and finding them successful it would be so easy to mic drop the whole thing and go back to the way it was.

Shrug off the running because my foot hurts.

Eat with less thought because “meh”

Stop cross-training.

Decide that it is time to try something new, so instead of doing it as a temporary measure just stop what I AM doing to invest in thinking about a different thing.

Look at a calendar and think “I’m tired” and just sit down.

Skip the sunrises and new successes for futzing on Tumblr.

I’m saying it here and now – I LIKE how the summer went for my exercise and food.  I won’t be a zealot in the next two weeks (or maybe I will if that will keep me on track) but dammit I want these things to make it past Labor Day.  That I WILL be a zealot about wanting to make it through this part of my psyche this time and staying with things that work well for me.