I’m still running.

The last few weeks I’ve focused on what I would need to be able to add each week to “Beat The Bridge” at this year’s Marine Corps Marathon.  At mile 20 there is a vehicle bridge that opens back up to cars 4-ish hours after the race starts and it is runners or cars but not both.  The “straggler bus” waits for those who cannot beat the bridge.

I mainly think about it during my long run.  I also do an easy run and that is so short that it mainly just clears the dust from the day instead of moving on towards bigger thoughts.  During the two speed runs every week I’m generally just being pleased.  I really like the Runcoach app and how they have arranged all of this stuff for me.

A couple of long runs ago I realized that I cannot safely train harder than I am right now.  Both my feet are doing different unpleasant things that are manageable right now but I don’t want to worsen.  The school year is 10 days away, the new drive to work is longer, there isn’t time to do the work and recover properly.

I worked on figuring out what I would need to be able to accomplish each week to be ready, and it was too much.  Maybe I would beat the bridge, likely I wouldn’t, and it would be such a force of will event that I’d be too busy to enjoy what all this hard work has produced.

Because I have absolutely loved how this running feels (which I attribute to the fine programmers at Runcoach), even when it sucks (and it does) it also is a slow steady climb towards something wonderful.  I’ve found myself re-tuning the way I eat to fuel runs.  I hydrate because it just feels natural.  It has been a great framework this summer to be more of the person I want to be.

So I meditated on what to do with my entry for MCM (while I ran) and found the idea of converting to 10K just – not it.  I would do fine at that distance and run past all the bits I’m looking forward to but it … just isn’t it.  I never seriously considered just giving up the registration, as gifts from the universe go I’m enjoying this one and want to keep it.  So that left deferment until 2016 – which I did first thing this morning.

It is scary to think of this kind of work for the next 15 months but I suspect that is what it will really take for me to be ready.  In the meantime I’m planning races to give me more experience in the middle.  I’m trying to see how many states I can train or race in while I prepare (I’ve got 4 so far).

There will be a half-marathon right around when MCM happens because that is what I will be more comfortably prepared for.

I am considering trying to run *with* someone once in a while.  I have some more whole body fitness to consider.

When this started I told people “I’m running Marine Corps Marathon” a couple of times and it always felt false.  I switched what I said to “I’m training for …” and that felt better.  I still am training for it, I’m just doing it the long way – which feels right for a long race.