The start of August sent my family on an all out sprint. There were a lot of great things and a lot of tough things but the most ccertain thing is that we all met the moments head on and with good intent in our heaerts

The truth is that I’ve been bone tired for awhile now.

December 26th was the start of binging on some self-care. We woke up the morning after Christmas and piled into the car. The three of us headed east to the water, barely warmer temperatures, and no plan. We walked along the beach, the guys tried out their Christmas headlamps, and we watched a LOT of American Ninja Warrior. Chores were put on hold, obligations set aside for aspirational work, normal concepts of nutrition set aside for the golden rules of Cheesy, Fried, and Overpriced.

It was glorious and I love my guys.

Next up – the week between Christmas and New Years. We have built in some fun for Jeff and work time for Dave & I but the mornings are a glut of self-care. I’m going to binge on the gym because I miss it but can’t figure out how to go right now. I’m also (shhhh) binging at the local spa because I would love to turn my head to the left some day.

January 1 is going to come on fast and this semester is dense with new things for everyone. I’m going to do what I can to be ready. I’m going to rest, eat well, get help where I need it, and laugh every chance I can.