With a caffeine buzz about a month ago, I sat down to write an email….


I came to your party in September and had a wonderful time. That meant a lot to me because I was at a lung cancer conference while my dad was fighting lung cancer so the laughter was so very important to me that night.

I’ve kept my catalog and I keep thinking about those bowls that flatten so they don’t use up all my dishwasher space but now I can’t find them.

I’m trapped between a highly entertaining show and actually wanting those bowls for me and loved ones. Can you help?

I hit send and the email went off to … an actor? a drag queen? a tupperware woman?  I honestly wasn’t sure.  I was sure I wasn’t the first person to write to Dixie an email in a state of complete confusion about my deep and lingering attraction to her wares.

Dixie is all of those things, and along with being hysterically funny is just a nice person.  The email volley took awhile, tours and memorials took up November for both of us.  Never too long between emails and logistics, addresses and paypal.  Today the bowls arrived.  They are just as Dixie told me they would be.


That Saturday evening I wandered the surprisingly pretty Pittsburgh all on my own.  I saw the sign for the show about 30 minutes before curtain.  I had a cabaret table to myself, until I didn’t and was sharing it with three friends who were having a girlfriends night and thought I made a strange but pleasant enough addition.   I roared with laughter.  It was a great show.  I walked back to the hotel and hung out with people learning everything they could about lung cancer – together.

It was so good.

I spent a lot of time on the phone with my mom the next morning.  I shut down with exhaustion for a couple of days after that. Two weeks later I was doing a sprint trip to see dad.  One of the people from the conference is back in treatment.  One is rocking a cute pixie cut.  Many have worked all through November (which is Lung Cancer Month – not that it gets any traction) working on educating and raising money.  I just made it through November, I traveled safely and gathered hugs where I could.  I said good-bye to dad.

The bowls are here.  They are my crystal candy bowl.  Thank you, Dixie.