For a town with a population of 120,000.

I want to know when you think Peak Black Friday was, because those days are done, my friends. I was out this morning from 8a-10a. I went to Macy’s, Toys R Us, and Target. I was the first or second person in the checkout line in each store, and I spent less than $150 total today.

The big sale / loss leader sparkle has gone because my email and the websites are always 30% off of this and BOGO that. There isn’t a discount that turns my head as surprising anymore, and in a world where 40% off is the norm stores create a moment where I begin to know I am a fool if it is less than 25% off because they have told me over and over that the lowest prices of the season are amazing.

The 4a coffee and standing in line right of passage is mainly gone too because even the group that loves that specific adrenaline rush is divided by one store opening Thursday, another at midnight, and the 4a,6a starts. There is no longer the super zoom of getting all the great deals before breakfast.

Maybe Cyber Monday or Small Store Saturday took just enough wind out of the sales as buyers were reminded that life really is simpler with free delivery and small town store experiences.

I don’t know, but Black Friday isn’t what it used to be anymore.