“How are you doing?” The “doing” is the key to knowing they are asking about me and the death of my dad, as opposed to the “How are you?” Of the middle of a Tuesday.

“I’m ok so far I think”, is what I respond. They like that, and it is mainly true, I think.

My post Thanksgiving to do list:
1. Double check that the dance and yoga studios in my expanded “everyday” area really don’t have classes that I need / want because I’ve looked 4 times already. There is no time like the present, also, there is no time in the present.

2. Double check the locations of gyms, the 3 month membership has a breathtaking per-use cost but now that work is busier I will go to the gym more. Obviously, because…

3. Register for the Flying pig half marathon in the spring and hope for Marine Corps marathon in October. Because my foot hurts all the time and I haven’t run since I took a week off last fall.

4. Buy winter dresses. Choose one piece of clothing instead of 2 and wear tights. Done. Perfect. Easy, professional, and lovely. A good use of money that could be used for other things.

5. Clean the g-dd@mn thing. Certainly head and heart will feel better when the rarely worn shirts in my closet go away. Also, I will relieve myself of an abundance of cookie sheets and ratty towels.

6. Go to Tybee and listen to the water until I cannot bear to listen another minute. (Hubby checked the bear, so I don’t look silly on the internet. Whew.).

7. Sink my teeth into all the social norms of this time of year and my natural life. Also, everybody is loud.

8. Book a reason to need a passport, and book a cruise for 4 next December.

I’m sad, and unmoored, I’m doing the things I do and I see that. I see myself craving silence but distracting my mind. I don’t know who to hug, or why to hug them, but I’m glad you asked.

Thank you and thank you and thank you.