(the Ferguson Grand Jury will say something in 45 minutes, this isn’t about that).

I needed a hug and I got one.  Over and over.

I needed DVD editing and I got it.

I needed someone kind to sort out a rental car, and the rental car person was kind.

I needed my dad to live somewhere at the end of his life that gave my mom peace and him comfort, Andrea came through.

I needed a wine fairy, and got one.

I needed real food, and it was in my fridge.

I needed to know that the bold moves I make mattered, and the flowers had styrofoam gourds so they were beautiful AND funny (I was convinced they were real until my six year old showed me differently).

I needed the montage to work, and it did.

I needed the grocery shopping done and it was.

I needed a moment of joy, and I had it.

I needed to separate my experience of a song from someone else’s experience of a song, and I did.

I needed him to grok the moment and he did.

I needed to not miss his first tooth, and I didn’t.

I needed to feel involved in the decoration, and I did a little.

I needed to hear I need rest, and she made me believe.

I needed the kind quietness of someone who knew, and I got it.

I needed to give a hug, and I did.

I needed to stay chilled out, and I did.

I needed grace and I gave it.

I needed grace and I got it.

I needed beauty and I saw it.

I needed solace and I got it.

I needed community and I got it.

I needed compassion and I got it.

I suck at Thank You Notes and Christmas Cards, but if I’ve seen you in the last month, or heard from you, or anything.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

It is easy to look at this list and wonder if, even in this strange moment, I was too bold or too brash or too needy.  I wasn’t.  I spoke for what I needed, and my people heard me.  You.  Yes, you.  You can too.