“Before you play on the Wii, we need to have a big conversation.”

“Grandpa died, didn’t he?”

“Yep babe, he did.”


After my brother left from visiting my dad, my dad went from “on hospice” to “gone” in less than 24 hours.  I’ll always be grateful my brother was there when he was.


My mom tried bourbon at 2 in the morning after hearing me celebrate it’s virtues on numerous occasions.  I never warned her it was an advanced drinking skill.  I suppose I never mentioned I was an advanced drinker.


My husband drove extra to bring home pizza that night.


Facebook is the new visitation.  For people my age, especially when families are spread across the country, Facebook is the first wave of grief spread among our widest circle.


I remember the hug when John died that involved all of his friends who had born witness that day (g-d we were so young).  My CKs showed up to an All-Call and surrounded me with the love that a 41 year old woman needs when reality comes and sits next to her.


Bonus.  There may be a thing about pants here someday.  But only with permission.