They the internet lets you in on other people’s lives is often interesting.  One thing that made perfect sense once I read about it, but I had never stopped to consider was the ritual that comes with making sure you’re ready to run a marathon.  Especially one where you have traveled to participate.  Clothing, socks, shoes, number, fuel, water, music, and the good luck charm laid out before they are packed, then they are unpacked and laid out again, checked before bed, and on and on.

In the next two weeks there are SEVEN days that deserve some special acknowledgement, some of them are parties, some of them are MY days, two involve cake I get to (genuinely happily) make, some need wrapping paper, one needs a W-2 form, some need class numbers, it is just SUPER jam packed up in here.

Along with that my dad has passed a milestone in his declining health, and that takes some energy.  Another woman in my family has also had a tough few months.  I’ve got friends I want to celebrate with, and friends who I want to sit beside quietly while their hearts ache.

So, like any good modern American woman I am diverting my attention from all of that.  Well, not exactly.

Like a good modern American woman I set to the task of cleaning out the door of my refrigerator because my mind had decided that if I have a door full of sauces that won’t actually kill me that this will all work out ok and that I will find the new rhythm in a reasonable timeline.

More than that — like a dedicated recycling guy, my husband dumped out all of the outdated sauces (agave that expired in 2011 for the WIN!) to recycle the bottles.  WITHOUT A HAZMAT SUIT.

My life is full of new adventures, trusted friends, and loved family.  I might be in a bit of a dither for the next couple of weeks but I’m glad I’m where I am.