May 16, 2014

May 16, 2014

7:15 – Strawberry milkshakes and whipped cream as part of breakfast.
Why? It was a special day, and I wanted the ice cream out of the house.

8:00 – “Everybody off the screens!!!”
Why? We had a day that need the big camera, a monkey, and food for three. That day was going to start in 15 minutes and I was still in my bathrobe.

8:15 – Sandals
Why? Because it is mid-May in Georgia, and it might be snowing in Illinois but it was still reasonable to think sandals would be ok for being outside.

9:30 – Sitting on a curb with the big camera
Why? He was getting ready to sing “I Just Called to Say, I Love You” and it promised to be adorable.

9:32 – Slack jawed amazement
Why? 5 3/4 year-old girl NAILS a multi-measure solo with a microphone. Followed by a 5 year-old boy who also rocks it.

9:40 – Nausea
Why? He isn’t coming back to this school, but that isn’t what the teachers said.

10:00 – Uncomfortable milling about
Why? I told my son he could choose when we were done with the Closing Ceremony at school because it is the last time he’ll see most of these folks.

10:15 – Sitting on top of the rope & wooden thing
Why? Because I have wanted to for weeks.

12:00 – Heading home with kiddo
Why? Because his school year is over

12:02-5:14 – Mindless bickering & ignoring each other – also some laughter.
Why? Because we don’t know what to do after finishing the school year.

5:14 – Sad face
Why? It could have been an end-of-year PLUS birthday, but it didn’t work out like that. Maybe tomorrow.

5:15 – Off to restaurant
Why? Because even though he has lost interest in witnessing his last day I’ve been planning this as our Friday meal for a week now.

6:15 – The gift of a marble maze
Why? His “old school” had it, and he loved playing with it, and he won’t be going back there again.

6:45 – Tells him we’re moving to his summer time bedtime
Why? Because he’s moving into the world of numbered grades, he’s growing up, and a little bit because it is silly to pretend that he ever goes to sleep when he goes to bed.