1. The email comes out.
2. Frantically hit reply because I have SO MUCH STUFF TO SELL.
3. Sign up for the ideal volunteer shift.
4. Six weeks pass without a single thought.
5. Three weeks before consignment wash and hang clothing (TOTALLY GOING TO WORK ON TOYS NEXT)
6. …
7. …
8. Realize that ideal shift only work with outrageous contortions and therefore needs to be changed to the Regular Shift.
9. Um, toys?
10. Maybe some housewares?

Two Days Before Consignment
1. Ok, this will be it, my last one.

Day of consignment
1. Get up early, wear the best possible shoes.
2. Walk and hang up clothing for 4 hours (4.5 miles total)
3. Realize that you DO have things you could totally sell
4. Go home and frantically tag the clothing that has been hanging in the bathroom for a month.
5. Go BACK to consignment and drop off your own stuff.
6. Return home and see 815 things that would have been great to sell.
7. Start a box for fall – you have SO MUCH STUFF TO SELL.