If it is possible, I respond well to ritual but not schedule.

My breakfast switches from time to time, but whatever it is – it is. I have a Friday lunch date with some of my favorite women, the place may change but the truth of the lunch anchors me. I do my best to sign emails & texts to my husband the same way (nearly) every time.

Back in the day, going to work was ritual – but the schedule within the day rarely held.

It makes me take note of, and try to find a way to respond to, the larger ebbs and flows of life differently. Previously, it didn’t much matter when I felt motivated to meal plan, or type the draft of the thing, or work out – because the time slots when any of those things were possible were tight, prescribed, unyielding.

So far, what I have learned is that when I set my brain loose it has a LOT of ideas and not much stamina right now. I have learned that I need to make better notes about what I have accomplished because I tend to blank slate the days that have gone by. I need to practice speaking in my professional voice more often because if I don’t keep relatively fresh my Professional Word Organizer Brain (™) gets slow and rusty and I can’t articulate quickly enough in meetings and conference calls. I have learned that the music I listen to has a LOT to do with the tone in my head and the work coming off my hands.

I am working on setting up my rituals, and setting aside my schedules. I still like this, I’m still figuring it out, I still don’t know what will stick.