We’ve been working a bit on not shouting across the house at each other so much. We don’t always remember but it is getting better. We started a couple of weeks ago, because I was frustrated with the fact that each of us preferred the person we wanted to talk to stop what they were doing and come TO US so we could impart whatever random word of wisdom we thought of.

I was feeling pretty good about how we were talking about it, and what we were doing. Then I started talking about the way we treat our stuff with my son. The only requirement for his room is that there be a clear & wide path to his bed, and about quarterly we “snatch a knot in it” and get it organized.

Christmas seemed to have brought a tipping point in the ability for the room to stay ok for awhile after it got cleaned. We still have a huge percentage of toys that he had two or three years ago, because he uses them just often enough for them to stay in rotation. So, in a room with limited storage, it had gone to bursting. It made me mad twice a day because it was so chaotic. It made it nearly useless for him to try and put stuff away. It was bad.

Yesterday, I had enough.

Today I packed up 90% of the stuff in his room.

He kept:
Gifts from this Christmas
1 other toy.

Not All of It

So here is the problem ending —

He is relieved.

He happily helped me pack stuff up.

When I missed an area he reminded me and gathered stuff up.

He isn’t willing to make a deal for their permanent removal (yet?) but he likes that they are gone. I had thought that he would want to earn stuff back, that he could regain things as he proved that he could actually take care of stuff. Or something.

What I think is going to happen now is that he’s going to forget about most of it, and I’ll need a new plan for what to do with the stuff in every.spare.corner of my house.


Something to know — throwing away isn’t part of what I set the whole thing up, and doing it sneaking isn’t how we roll here.

But his room looks great now.