For about a week I’ve been 20% – 40% sick most days with a head cold of some sort.
My dad had a couple of medical things at the end of last week and the start of this week (all of which went well).
I made my way back to the gym yesterday (to walk slow enough I could also read a book) after having not been around much for weeks.
Friday I ate can of spray cheese and the mandatory column of Ritz crackers that were used as a transport device.
It was a weekend full of John memories.
I have a freelance deadline on Thursday which is taking longer than I thought.

So, what doe we have there?
Sad? Yes
Scared? Yes
Eating Well? No
Moving Body? No

So when today has devolved into a glut of YouTube Darren Criss / Doctor Who / Vlogbrothers binging I started to be disappointed in myself. Unhelpful conversations about the ability to maintain my end of the bargain.

Then, Wil Wheaton came to my rescue. He wrote. Now, to be clear – I don’t think I’m headed into a Major Thing of any sort – but I’m sure not doing much to keep myself healthy at the moment either.

I’m going to fill up my water bottle.
Check that my gym bag is packed for tomorrow.
Make something.

I claimed my sad day. I’ll see ya tomorrow.