I’ve mentioned that my son dances, and I have mentioned that organization supports boys in the arts by letting them dance for free. I think that the wide age range of their male dancers comes, in part, from that decision.

This week my son was at trapeze camp.

Ok, yeah, I’ll start there. Athens has a trapeze school which has been in place for more than 10 years. Not a standard thing, I know, but it is really pretty cool.

They had a kids camp this week (which even met on NYE & NYD – huzzah) and I signed up Jeff on the suspicion that perhaps being around kids this week would be good for all of us (and I was right).

Sitting Star

There was a big range of age & experience, and their days had a lot of variety in activities. I learned about a game called ant hospital and it is the single best version of tag I have ever seen in my life. If you are teaching cooperative game play it is THE BOMB.

The end of camp show was this morning, kids on trapeze or on silks (which is sort of trapeze via drapes). The final performance was a male solo on silks. He was 10? 12? 13? He was (as Jeff said), “AH MAZ ING.” Really spectacular.

For a big part of my life I scoffed (in ways) at things designed to make X accessible to girls (engineering, STEM, athletics) because I have always just thought that people should look into things that they find interesting. Still, and much to my own surprise, I get gender sensitive to the performing arts and making sure there are examples of men for Jeff to see.

I think it is cool that the single most mesmerizing performance today was a tween boy.