Any accounting of my physical being right now would have to start with the fact that I likely got a concussion last Thursday. Jeff surprised the back of my head with the front of his, and it left me seeing stars and nauseated for awhile.

Friday morning I felt especially scatter brained. Zumba, for any number of reasons, was brutal.

I think it would have been ok, except for the fall at the roller rink on Saturday. After the pain in my knee eased up a bit I noticed that a full-fledged headache (centered on my recent collision) had magically appeared where it had not been just a few minutes before.

All of that general body soreness after the fall kind of masked how I was reacting to having developed a decent gym pattern in November and early December and basically abandoning it for the last two weeks.

While I ate cheese by the pound.
While water came in a distant 5th on the lists of fluids I was consuming.

All of which is to say that I did the most logical thing a woman can do under the circumstances.

I stopped this morning at the fancy juice store.

Happy New Year – may 2014 have something you like in it.