We are 5 minutes from leaving for my son’s first dance recital. He looks great, and is bouncing off the walls (while not talking about the event).

He is brave, and a leo, and sensitive, and shy in moments (like all 5 year olds).

I don’t want to introduce that he should be fearful, and I don’t want him to be surprised from the stage that there are people there.

I have found myself shying away from the word “recital” (apparently, a more feminine word in my mind than I thought. Funny, what you learn about yourself) but I am talking about my own rehearsals now — and how close nervous and excited are to each other.

Five has been a little rocky for him – he is quick to “Charlie Brown” (head hanging) as he figures out that not everything that happens around him is actually about him. I hope he loves applause as much as I do – but if he doesn’t that is ok too.

I am excited and nervous for him. My dancing dude. Break a leg!