All. Of. It.

With any minor connection to the Doctor Who universe via social media we have just finished an advent calendar of countdown moments that ended in a culmination a lot like Christmas when you were 7. Spent, happy, and with no sense of entitlement.

They did a great job of mixing comedy, actual information, fun stuff, and throw away bits. We may have been misled but the straight up LYING was pretty minimal. The special was satisfying, not to disruptive to what we could expect, and leads nicely into Christmas.

Then, immediately, the trailer for Christmas and a deleted scene are released (the last small gift to help wind down after the new bicycle with steamers in unveiled).

Finally, a Christmas night trip to grandma’s with the brilliant work of Peter Davidson and crew. Heaven, absolute heaven.

So, a month until Christmas, then Sherlock comes back. I may never breathe again.