1. I got four hours of sleep last night, waking up today at the grand old hour of 3a (someday I’ll be skyping with my 2ndMIL because that is about the time she gets up). So it wasn’t even up late, then sleep, but instead a LOOOOONG stretch of wakefulness.
2. A few months ago 3am wakefulness didn’t mean what it did today — today it was that I got 3 hours of project work done before anybody else had even shuffled to the bathroom. Which was actually pretty cool.
3. I had a really great lunch and extended coffee with my friends. I was, perhaps, pretty exuberant with the Diet Cokes to start out with which made me very chatty … but it happens sometimes.
4. I negotiated kiddo down QUITE a ways on the Halloween candy.
5. Tomorrow is a day for me, and it makes me think of my first set of in-laws, my great-grandmother (who was alive at the time), my brother, and most of all John.

The day I got married (the first time), my dad and I danced to Unforgettable and he sang to me quietly as we danced in that beautiful rich baritone that he used so rarely. I asked him to stop because I burst into tears.

In those late night questions about time travel and what actions in your own life you would change … I’d like to go back to 23 year-old me and tell her to go ahead and cry … but let him sing.