I talked a couple of weeks ago about what people might do given some undetermined length of time when they weren’t traditionally employed.

My time, in that very situation (surprise!) started a few days ago.

This was self-chosen (essentially) and I wanted it to start out right. So in addition to going to the Atlanta Mini Makers Faire (with bonus visit with LLV folks) on Saturday, kiddo and I packed up on Sunday morning and headed to the beach.

My first Monday I stood with my kid on the beach and watched the sunrise over the ocean. Because it is the off season, we saw a good part of it with nobody else in sight. It was exactly what I wanted and hoped for. It was beautiful, filled with perspective, and soul feeding.

My first Tuesday I went to Power Yoga at 8:15. Exercise, yoga, a clear Next Right Thing for the morning. I (1) had not eaten breakfast, (2) had not had any coffee, (3) had not done any yoga in 12 years, (4) did not have a 100% reliable breakfast plan. The class was great and I’ll be back on Thursday – I hope that it is part of my weekly rituals that can stick because it really was great. Also … I haven’t stopped moving since then because I’m afraid if I do that I’ll never move again.

Tuesday then moved onto a new coffeehouse for breakfast and caffeine aaaaand the seating is great, the coffee is adequate, and the electricity and breakfast options are awful. It will work out fine when I need to do 2 hours of work in the sunshine. Still looking for Workspace Prime.

Wait. Working?


And getting pretty excited. My cart and my horse are all tangled up in each other, but I’m hopeful to have some stuff to tell you about soon.

So far. So good.