Opportunity cost. I choose one thing, therefore I don’t have the physical, mental, emotional, financial, or time reserves to do something else. There was a festival tonight, and a house show — we could only do one. The choice is based on excitement over either plus the sorrow of missing either.

As choices get bigger and more complex the opportunity cost gets more complex as well. How to spend one evening is one thing, but once you get into longer term questions it gets more difficult. How long of a commute are you willing to tolerate – and how does that change when the money is better (or you just need it more), when you have young kids versus older kids, when your parents need you to drive them more often?

LLV had a lot of costs to consider. Some of the positive things that came from that is our experiences with me on a smaller salary, seeing how time got managed differently when I was home more, and (we didn’t anticipate the importance of this at the time) seeing the ways in which we value and work with large scale opportunity costs.

I left my job today, after a transition period that took 2 months and 2 days from start to finish.


The opportunity has costs, and risks, and will undoubtedly wake me up in the middle of the night from time to time. For now, though, I know that as each step has arrived I am more confident in the decision my family has made. I learned a lot of lessons about myself during LLV and I’m bringing the books back out to study them to shorten my learning curve on this adventure.


I had lunch with my friends today. They love me, and I them. I am grateful every day that they are there and I worry (in the middle of the night) about how my decisions impact my relationships with them. Still, in a white bag there was a gift – not just perfect in its existence but perfect in quietly (sort of) telling me that I am understood.


So here goes.


(I expect to have a launch the first week of November — so don’t go buying your lady friend holiday gifts quite yet).