What would you do if you had an undefined chunk of time with no solid time consuming obligations? I’m talking about maybe two weeks, or many months of time where the activities of daily adult living, spousing, and parenting were your only responsibilities beyond fiscal responsibility. What would you do?

How would you build days that had meaning, that filled gaps, and that worked on some of the things that you’re “too busy” or “too tired” to do? What kind of lists would you make?

Would you take a “vacation” of binge TV watching, or put structure on your days right away to protect against a free fall? When would you really, actually, clean out the laundry room if you had the chance?

I have a solid idea of who I am. Still, like a lot of people, there is Aspirational Me as well. She is craftier and reads more fiction (shoot, just reads more in general — but fiction is tougher for me). So with this undefined space in front of me my mind is boggled with the options, analysis paralysis to be sure.

Finally do something with those photographs?
Make an appointment with the dermatologist?
Will I find a plethora of great podcasts to go along with the three I am compulsive about (if so … what are you listening to that I should hear???)?
I would be well served by working on my grammar a little bit, and I’ve been curious about spending time at Kahn Academy?
Get functional on the piano, or the ukulele, or both?
Volunteer even though I don’t know how big my window of availability is?
Master the art of banana tattooing?

Soon I suspect that Aspirational Me and Actual Me are going to be nose to nose with each other. I might go to the library, I might go to the gym, I might finally watch every moment of Breaking Bad. I’m just not sure yet.

So, let’s pretend it will be six weeks. Travel is out because of spouse, child, fiscal stuff. What would you do?