Dancing Chinese Dragons and chocolate dumplings at the local science museum were the order of the day.
On a beautiful fall day in October the three of us went on an adventure and for the first time in years I didn’t take any pictures. Not of the shocking blueness of my son’s eyes, or the drummer’s concentration as he played for the dragon. I skipped taking a picture of the biggest (meanest) looking owl I have ever seen.

The people who shout about parents putting down the phone, and free range parenting proponents, and all of them just frustrate me in all kinds of ways.

I am not actually a parenting methodology, neither is my husband. We are actual people with an actual child.
Some days, as a family, we swirl around each other in engaged and cheerful bliss.

Some days we’re lucky we each don’t disown the other two.

Some are hard and all we are really interested in is thinking our own thoughts without anybody talking to us.

Some days there is just too much on the to-do list to think a lot about meeting emotional needs. As Maslow points out, if your pantry is bare then it doesn’t really matter how many art supplies and google eyes you have. The same holds true for clean socks by Sunday night.

So we went, and sometimes we held hands in varying combinations. Each, in turn, put our face towards the sun. We had a day that had different things in it. Not “enrichment”, not “a well-prepared learning environment” (although it was), just a day with a mom & dad & kid where we looked at stuff, and talked about other stuff and tried with determination to spell dragon.

It isn’t a methodology, or training, it is just three lives lived in close proximity and with great affection.