I am learning to own a lot of my geek tendencies, but my Gleek tendencies are dialed to about 11 this week and I’m not talking about much because about the only thing I have is…

Twirl and faint.

Ryan Murphy and crew did a great job with this. Starting with contriving a tiny thing so that Rachel could sing Yesterday as the opening song.

The setup makes sense for Rachel, but it gives everybody who is holding their breath for the third show of the season (Cory’s show) a little something to hold onto. Also, it is completely crushing to watch her sing it – she nails it and it is impossible to watch without knowing (1) Cory is dead, (2) Recently, (3) She recorded AND filmed the sequence after he had died. What makes that even more impressive is that in the one public appearance that I have seen she was having such a tough night.

I loved all the Klaine parts. There are all KINDS of things and stuff that make it questionable (the choreography of their first song as much as anything else – WTH guys?) but fundamentally I like the pairing and what the actors do with it. I’m interested to see how they sort out Kurt because he was such a puppet to plot point last year that his life isn’t actually possible. With the exception of Lea & Cory, nobody else duets likes Chris & Darren.

I’m happy that Artie and Tina both seem to exist, and I echo the idea that Artie should get to sing more often because he actually has an interesting voice.

I’m sorry that Sam has turned into the plot point puppet this season (in that, I am sorry that they have a plot point puppet instead of writing that makes the puppet unnecessary) but I’m not a fan of Sam or Chord (the actor) so … eh. I would have skipped his bits anyhow.

With the impossibility of Finnchel being “endgame” I think that Klaine got upgraded. I like the idea of it … but the groundwork isn’t quite there on either character besides being gay [spoiler] teenagers (and even R. Murphy has backed away from them kissing (although the lesbian couples aren’t as chaste)). It is shaky as them being OTP … but if they get more airtime, solos, and duets I suspect I’ll be buying more Glee songs this season than last.