My phone and my computer are groaning with the volume of photographs I have. I have them backed up, twice actually, to hard drive and to cloud, but I have almost no printed pictures. I made two photo books after LLV and used a tiny percentage of the pictures I wanted to.

Somewhere between my upbringing (photo heavy), and my dead husband (no longer available for new pictures) I am LOATHE to get rid of a photograph.

*The picture where it looks likes someone just spiked your kool-aid battery acid – I kept it.
**The eight sequential pictures of the lining of my purse – I kept one.
***Every picture of every list I ever drew out so kiddo knew what our plan was for the day – got’em.
That close up of his cheek, with a sparkle in his eye, taken during the golden hour – I have every one of those I have ever taken.
****Pictures I have taken of my dad and my husband furrowing their brow at me because they see no sense in taking a picture of them right now. I do – they are a couple of my favorite men and time never stands still.

Now I have a choice.

We could go the Pinterest route and talk about what to do with 5,000 unedited pictures. We could even subdivide that into giving the side-eye the new normal of editing pictures before we do anything with them.

Or, I can tell you about the picture that is in my mind right now. It is a dead husband picture at a BP/McDs in the middle of Illinois. It is somewhere (by the length and color of his hair) in the last 4 months of his life, but it is warm enough that I am in short sleeves. My mom took the picture. My hair is long; and blowing all across my face. In the series of pictures it is clear that we are enjoying the moment – but in this picture he looks sort of like he is protecting the world from Cousin It. He isn’t though. He is just draped on me and laughing.

****I don’t throw away pictures.
***I don’t want to edit them because the sky just looked the way it did.
**It isn’t enough to have them hidden on a drive or in the cloud which is why I don’t take them off the machines. I need and want to see them.
*I don’t have an idea of how to cull through, or display what I have.