“oh those are the NICE spiders.”

Which is true, they are, they aren’t poisonous, they are kind of pretty. They are the size of the palm of my hand.

It is spider season here in Georgia, and as with everything else in this lush and magical summer the spiders are big and they prey is plentiful. It is rare that only one thing flourishes, but more true that when the time is right everything grows in busts.

I could talk about the “nice” spider whose web is attached, on one side, to a door we use over and over … she is ok with it (me … I’m trying to be a gracious host).

I could talk about the spider in the corner of the front door that has nailed two scorpions recently. Hooray for two less scorpions – – and so therefore I guess hooray for the spider???

The mornings shimmer and shine as I drive in with light and dew highlighting the amazing spectacle of their webs.

It is beautiful, and natural, and just what it should be at the end of a summer like this one. Still. ((shudder)).