Some people are always new to Doctor Who but this episode is 4 years old so I will spoil with wild discretion.

The Doctor and Donna.

Donna is drawn in by a Chinese (ish) fortune teller and has an invisible, giant beetle crawl onto her back. The beetle begins a process where a parallel universe wraps around Donna – revealing a horrible, post apocalyptic dystopia where first world problems don’t exist anymore because there is no more first world. Even in England.

Rose, the Doctor’s great affection trapped in another universe forever, appears and convinces Donna that she is important and must go back and there is one moment in her (regular) life where she must turn left instead of right. If Donna does that single action the world, the universe is saved.

She returns and briefly there are two Donnas. Dystopian Donna realizes that she must sacrifice herself, and with a giant deep breath she does. The universe rights itself. In talking it over with the Doctor she remembers the message she was given by Rose. Bad Wolf.

The Doctor and Donna are one of my favorite pairings in Doctor Who. (For the 11th I like when Rory is the Last Centurion, or when Amy & Rory are just mature). Of course River is my favorite companion of all time because … the flirting. ANYHOW. I wander away from my point.

I like Doctor Who.
I have stress which makes me like Doctor Who even more.
I wanted to talk about something other than almost being 40 – so Doctor Who it is.

Now. Do I turn left?