A tremendous friend of mine is leaving the country … now.

I wonder if we are setting a trend of LLV (long, long vacation), or just simply living grand adventures that are coincidentally close together.

My family experienced such tremendous grace, generosity, and kindness as we got ready for LLV. When my friend started planning for her own LLV, it was so easy to see the role the my family could play. A young, strong dog needed some place to chill for a few months. We are dog folks who are sans-dog. It was simple. We’d hang with Penny for a few months.

So far (it has been a week) my arms and back have gotten a lot stronger. I’m getting in the habit of waking up early and walking a quick half-mile. I’ve seen my husband and son smiling all over the place when they have a chance to give her a scritch.

I know that she had been fostered before my friend got her, but she has adapted amazingly well to being in yet another home. She’s cool with our rules (although she still thinks that the bed would be a greeeeaaaaaaaat place if only we would let her). She is just charming in every possible way.

I have seen my son stand in the dog toy isle for 15 minutes –
“she has a pull toy already”
“she can’t do chase quite yet”
“that looks too much like my toys – I don’t want her to get confused”

I wish my friend and her family the best. I’m enjoying this tremendously.

Hopefully, the last moments weren’t like this…