One week ago I was orienting my niece to our house, because she was here for her visit. Her parents and brother were in a penthouse downtown (Indigo for those in the know) that was nicer than … a lot of places I have lived.

Since then I have visited the bottom of Tallulah Gorge (again), traveled to Helen, and bought a $12 dress because I smelled SO BAD in my actual clothing.

Since then I have tubed down a river, sat in a river, stood in a river, helped some young men in a river, and screamed / squeaked / swore in a river.

Since then I have seriously considered writing a letter to that ATL TSA and saying thank you, because I didn’t spend the money to take my niece to the gate – but I got to anyhow and it was a good thing (last minute gate change which will screw up even the most seasoned traveler).

Since then I’ve stretched my professional boundaries while I worked hard to learn fast.

Since then I’ve fought to preserve Take Out & Top Shot, even when it would have been easier not to. Even when it was the show when Kelley left – because of a fucking cannon for fuck’s sake (really????? This week??????). It might not be a classic summer tradition, but it is ours.

Since then I’ve seen a dear friend crying, wanting to protect her son and keep moving forward, and I’ve seen her son crying. He broke my heart.

Since then, I’ve taken temporary possession of a beautiful animal that I promise to tend to well. I’ve also promised to take care of a car… like you do.

Oh yeah, and there is another 24 hours of eye drops every 30 minutes (while awake), moving onto ever hour after that.

I haven’t provided the kind of birthday I wanted to for my friend.
I haven’t been the wife and mother I wanted to be.
I haven’t been to they gym at ALL this week.

I will put one foot in front of the other, I will wake up in the morning and try again. It is strange days, but they can still be wonderful if I choose to remember that I am in charge of them.