I’m thinking about the imaginary rules I’ve set up for myself over time, especially when it comes to images. I’m wondering if you have some too.

Facebook – my profile picture is a picture of me. RARELY (Father’s or Mother’s Day, or with some particular cause) I will switch it out for a day or two but I like having a space that is primarily mine. My fb masthead is a family picture, but I see that one so rarely I don’t often think about it.

Twitter – Professional Headshot, but different than the professional shot I have on LinkdIn.

My computer desktop – rapid fire change. For a long time it was pictures of my husband / kid that were relatively recent. Yesterday it was a rooster with the word “ROAR.” next to it. Today is the Venn Diagram of Superhero Comic Tropes.

Walls in my office – ((crickets)) um. yeah.

Walls at home – I no longer have prints from Artists of Note. I have art from my dad, from husband’s grandfather, a couple of local folks, and some really excellent / educational / oddball graphic design. I am pretty amazed that during a gathering of my lovely girlfriends nobody noticed that I had framed typography reference sitting next to the loo. What I don’t have – photographs of my family.

My phone lock screen – For almost a year it was a picture of a concrete statue named (in my head) Happy Dog. Now, his younger sister Happy Frog sitting on top of my orange Kindle cover (at son’s request).

The one I want to change and haven’t figured out how to yet. My gravatar, a lovely picture of me that is 6 years old – different hair, different location, different life. Time to bring that one up to speed.