I was in a foul mood today. My husband looked at me and said, “Do you need to go away?” … in the most loving way.

About 1pm this afternoon I brought out my pet project idea. Spurred on by Adam Savage and the Maker’s Faire in Chicago I had missed (and the one in Atlanta I still hope to attend) I brought out an old VCR/DVD, my tool box, a piece of cardboard to work on and my son.

Game on.

The cover came off first, I was akin to a G-d for I had opened The Technology (time out for DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME…. WELL, WITHOUT ME).

The VHS side was, not surprisingly, more interesting than the DVD side (40 years of development between the two will do that). Every time I found another screw we whooped with joy – screws meant opening new things. We found the magnets, we found the laser, we found the gears and the grease and how the doors opened (different for each). We found the circuit boards and how the power cord plugs into the rest of it.

Jeff pulled his own mini circuit board, and kept it as a souvenir. Tonight, with Husband’s help, we started looking at resistors and whatnot. A friend on fb is telling me what I can do with the motors (Dear American Science and Surplus … please send me anything to help this make sense). There is a dead vacuum in the house as well …. I suspect it is likely going under the chopping block as well.

It was great.

Still, I know. It isn’t long. Soon being A Man will make my adventures less interesting. Being right, and understanding (or pretending to) will be more important than the wide eyed wonder that is my specialty. Colors and sizes. Shapes and similarities. All of that won’t matter in a couple of years, or 5.

I like wide eyed wonder, my heart is full of it. We can dance and jump and spin. We can do math and write the last page of The Great Gatsby. We are amazing – even if it is only for our devotion to finding the perfect mac & cheese.

In having a young son, I have someone who will get down on the ground with me to look at the broken rocks and try and figure out how or why or monsters? or big trucks or or or or or….

When I talk about being able to sword fight at 6:15 in the morning, if I’m honest, I’m not sure what I’ll do when he doesn’t want to anymore.